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Aaaaand I’m Back

I’m a slacker.

Plan and simple – I’ve been slacking like crazy on this site.

It’s inexcusable that my last update was June 24th – a month and a half ago.

Well, I guess I have an excuse.  A lot’s happened in that month and a half.

My girlfriend finished school and moved out of her home state of New Jersey and up to CT with me.

We took a much-needed vacation with my family to Ocean City, NJ.

We moved and consolidated all her stuff from NJ and all my stuff in CT into a brand new place down the road in CT. (Needless to say – a headache or 2 soon followed).

We adjusted to our new life living together, setting up our new place and ironing out our routines and habits.

At work, we embarked on the second biggest pitch in the company’s 10-year history. This translated to a lot of extra hours (and dinners) at the office.

And then, because we didn’t have enough going on, we adopted a dog from the SPCA, who is currently the center of our lives and hearts.

Sooooo…you can see I didn’t have a lot of time for brewing. I made it a point to drink some great beer, but when it came to the fine art of creating the brews, there just weren’t enough hours in the day.

Now we’re getting settled into the new place, and getting a good handle on our new life together. Which can only mean one thing: time to get back to making and writing about beer!

Be sure to keep an eye on here for updates.  I have a lot of ideas and projects in mind, which will definitely give me a lot to talk about.

And if you don’t see enough updates from me, please report me to the Slacker Police.

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