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Mattie’s TKO Winter Warmer – The Inspiration

Mattie’s TKO Winter Warmer

If you antagonize this beer, it won’t hesitate to cold-cock you.  Big, malty, with a strong boozy backbone, you may only last a few rounds with this brew.

The Inspiration
Back in 2008, our buddy Travis decided to pop the question to his girlfriend while on vacation in Disney World. This being the first crew member to take the plunge, we decided to go down to surprise and celebrate with him (and hopefully not ruin it).

We knew Travis was planning on proposing later in his vacation, so we flew down a few days earlier to hang out, catch up and enjoy a few adult beverages.  And for us, a few usually means about 10….each.

CB and Mattie flew down earlier in the day, where they met up with Jake and got an early start on things.  I’m pretty sure they went straight from the plane to the bar and never looked back.  Timmy (of the Porter fame), Kim and I got in after dinner, and boy did we have some catching up to do.

Pulling in to Jake’s apartment, we were greeted by Jake’s dogs roaming freely through the complex, and later discovered CB in a drunken stupor near one of the ponds in the complex.  He said he dogs wanted to go outside.  Granted, he doesn’t have dogs, but the alcohol may have clouded his mind to the fact that this is normally done with a leash.

This is where I realized we were in for a long night.  Little did I know how far things would go down from there – like down for the count.

After downing a few beers, a few laughs, and the general man-love that happens then the Crew gets together, we were all lounging around and catching up.  I was hanging out on the couch with CB and Mattie, while Timmy, Kim and Jake were hanging out in the kitchen.

Now the exact details are a little hazy, mainly because it happened so quick.  CB was antagonizing Matt, messing around and roughing him up a bit.  Apparently he got a little too rough, and Mattie took exception, hauled off and cracked CB right in the jaw from point blank range.  CB immediately grabbed his jaw and went down into a heap.

It really happened so fast that I wasn’t sure it actually happened.  But when I looked down, there CB was holding his jaw with his eyes shut.  It took a little bit, but we got CB to come to.  Mattie, being the big softy that he is, was so upset he went into the bathroom, and it took a group therapy session to convince him to come out.  CB even joined in and entertained us the only way a recently unconscious person can – with getting simple questions wrong and not remembering the rest of the night.

In the end, we all hugged it out as we always do, and we had a ton of fun down in Florida.  Oh, and Travis’s engagement surprise was a success!  She said yes, and he had no clue we were there.  They’re set to be married on June 18th.  All of the Crew who made the journey to Florida will be in the wedding.  We might even enjoy some of this commemorative brew at the nuptials.

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