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Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – #BrewYork 7!

BrewYork 7-2

Bob from Bolero Snort Brewing Comapy and myself obviously enjoying ourselves (Photo courtesy of New Jersey Craft Beer)

Neither snow, nor snow, nor the ridiculous amounts of snow could stop us from getting the gang back together to enjoy the finest fruits the craft beer world has to offer.  We hadn’t gathered since just before Halloween, and with cabin fever setting in, a whole bunch of new faces, and several engagements to celebrate, it was long overdue that we get together – snow be damned.

Despite the layoff and the cold, this group hasn’t lost a step, and #BrewYork 7 was a beer geek’s Valhalla.  The bottle list could bring a tear to your eye.  Talks of brewing rigs, brettanomyces, bottling methods, and beer-vacations echoed around the hallowed grounds of New Jersey Beer Company.  A MacGyver-esque method for removing a corked bottle without a corkscrew was devised.  We spontaneously booed a Budweiser Commercial in unison.  It was everything a #BrewYork event should be.

Check out pics of the shenanigans here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?aid=365623&id=394283293265 (courtesy of Mike from New Jersey Craft Beer).

BrewYork 7 Bottle Assembly

The humbled Beertographer kneels before the awesomeness assembled at #BrewYork 7

Here’s our bottle list, which has to be one of the best assembled on the East Coast.  This list is lovingly stole from the Reverend David Flaherty over at Grapes and Grains.  Like his list, my favorites are in bold.  Careful now – you may get a visual drunk:

  1. Boulevard Brewing, Bourbon Barrel Quad (missed this one)
  2. Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada, Life & Limb
  3. Surly, Smoke
  4. Flat Earth, Element 115
  5. Bell’s, 25th Anniversary Ale
  6. Summit, Imperial Pumpkin Porter
  7. New England Brewing Co., Imperial Stout Trooper 2010
  8. Cisco, Lady of the Woods
  9. Hopworks Urban Brewery, Rise Up Red
  10. Just Beer, Case of the IPA
  11. Homebrew: Pumpkin Ale
  12. Homebrew: Black Pepper Brown Ale
  13. Homebrew: IPA
  14. Berkshire Brewing Co., Lost Sailor IPA
  15. Rock Art Brewery, The Vermonster 100 IBU Ale
  16. Innis & Gunn, Lightly Oaked Blonde Ale
  17. Homebrew: Chocolate Milk Stout
  18. North Coast, Old Stock Cellar Reserve
  19. Weyerbacher, Riserva 2010
  20. New England Brewing Co., Ghandi Bot
  21. Cantillon, Lou Pepe Framboise 2007
  22. Boulder Brewing, Killer Penguin 2009
  23. Bell’s, Hopslam
  24. The Bruery, Old Richland
  25. Telegraph Brewing Co., White Ale
  26. Dogfish Head, Pangaea
  27. Fantome, Pissenlit
  28. Cigar City, Warmer Winter Winter Warmer 2009
  29. Cigar City, Improvisacion
  30. Brewdog/Mikkeller, I Hardcore You
  31. The Bruery, Saison Rue
  32. Dogfish Head/Stone/Victory, Saison du BUFF
  33. Flying Dog, Oak Aged Brett Gonzo (pissed I missed this one)
  34. Sam Adams, Triple Bock 1997
  35. Unibroue, Quelque Chose
  36. Sierra Nevada, Celebration 2001
  37. Brewdog/Stone, Bashah
  38. Bolero Snort, Wee Heifer’s Fruitcake
  39. Widmer Brothers, Barrel Aged Brrrbon
  40. Dogfish Head, Wrath of Pecant
  41. Founders, Nemesis
  42. Founders, Curmudgeon Ale
  43. Founders, KBS
  44. Sam Adams, Longshot Winners
  45. Terrapin, Wake & Bake
  46. Palmetto, Bocat
  47. Palmetto, Espresso Porter
  48. Moor, Peat Porter
  49. Moor, JJJ IPA
  50. Muskoka, Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout
  51. Lost Abbey, Judgment Day
  52. Avery, The Czar Russian Imperial Stout
  53. Odell Brewing Co, Woodcut No.4 Oak Aged Lager
  54. Cantillon, Kriek 100% Lambic
  55. Capt. Lawrence, Golden Delicious
  56. Goose Island, Vanilla Bourbon County Stout
  57. Surly, Coffee Bender
  58. Bellwether, King Baldwin Hard Cider
  59. Ithaca, Excelsior! Series Alphalpha
  60. Jolly Pumpkin, Noel De Calabaza
  61. Southern Tier, Series 3 Cuvée
  62. Dieu du Ciel!, Péché Mortel Imperial Coffee Stout
  63. Capt. Lawrence, Flaming Fury
  64. Brasserie à Vapeur, Vapeur de Bises
  65. Blue Point, Toxic Sludge
  66. Ommegang, Zuur
  67. Ten Dudes, Smoked Barleywine
  68. Ten Dudes, Cupcake Porter
  69. Ten Dudes White Peach Sour Ale

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