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Brewing on Hold for a Bit

Brewing's On Hold

Please hold while life intervenes..

Sometimes life interrupts the best laid fermentation schedule…or something like that.

Kim and I are moving, which means instead of creating delicious beer, I get to pack my entire life into lots of boxes, load it into a rental truck and cart it on down the road.  We’re only moving a few miles away, but, as I’m sure you’re aware, it pretty much consumes your entire life until it’s done.

Believe me, I’ve thought through every scenario where I could still brew and move at the same time, especially with the lack of brewing I’ve done lately.  However, the thought of a carboy full of freshly fermented wort riding shotgun in my car isn’t very appealing for me or the beer it’d produce.  It’s best to shut it down all together for the meantime.

But, that’s doesn’t mean I’ll have nothing to write about.  I have a healthy backlog of topics to get up here: my write up for Stew’s Beer for Breakfast Stout, new equipment purchases and procedures I’ve learned, and a few collaborations I was apart of.  So while I won’t be brewing up anything new, I’ll have plenty to talk about.  Be sure to keep an eye out for updates!

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