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“All For The Love of Beer”

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The Things You Do For Love

This phrase left my mouth in middle of our move this weekend, as I steadied the door to my kegerator while my dad unbolted it, just after we put our front door back on it’s hinges. 

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Glad It Was Worth It

Now,  I knew moving the kegerator would be a pain.  I mean, it’s a fridge – it’s huge, it’s heavy, and its awkward to move.  I just didn’t realize exactly how much of a pain it would be. 

You see – my new place has 2 entryways: the front and the back.  I assumed the back door would be the easiest way in the house, since it was closer to where we wanted to put it.  But my dad, ever the engineer, measured and decided the front would be easier since it’s wider.

We got the kegerator up the front stairs and in the front porch with the help of an appliance dolly and some muscle from my dad and brother.  Some additional negotiating got it into the hallway leading up to our apartment door rather easily.

Here’s where we learned just how wide this thing is.  It didn’t fit through the main door to our apartment, and we couldn’t find an angle to fit it through.  As much as I’d like access to beer in the hallway, this is less than ideal. 

My dad had the idea to take the front door off it’s hinges.  After measuring, it’d give us enough room at least get the kegerator into the house.  Great, we aren’t even fully moved in and we’re already dismantling the place.  We take the door down, cafefully lean it against the wall, and get the kegerator into the house (albeit, the living room).

Now our next challenge – getting the kegerator into the kitchen.  The entrance into the kitchen from the dining room is even smaller than the front entrance, and there’s no door to take off the hinges.  We lined the kegerator up with the door to see if there was any way to angle it through, but no dice.  At least the dining room is better than the living room.

Then my dad takes a few more measurements (I’m so glad we unpacked the tape measure first), and announces that if we take the doors off the kegerator, it should fit through.  So not only am I dismantling the house, I’m taking apart my kegerator as well.  As we’re unbolting the doors, I uttered the title of this blog post.  Luckily beer is completely worth it.

With the doors off, the kegerator effortlessly slid into the kitchen, and nestled into it’s new home.  Reassembled and fully loaded, it’s ready to keep the brews flowing as we settle in to our new place.

“All for the Love of Beer”

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