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Latest Picture of The River Crew

The River Crew

Of course we're at a bar

Here’s the latest picture of the crazy cast called the River Crew.  From the left it’s myself, Travis, Mattie, CB, Timmy and Mikey.  Stew and Jake are the only missing parties.

This was taken at our annual “Shit Show at the Ugly O”, which is begging to be the name for our Winter Seasonal.  Every year, we get together the night before Christmas Eve and fill our faces with big laughs and great beer.  It’s rare when the gang is in the same place at the same time, so we try to cram as much catching up, reminiscing, and drinking into 1 night as possible.  The result is the crew’s signature: an highly-entertaining shit show.

So far Timmy, Mattie and Stew have had beers created for them, with Mikey and Travis’s brews in the works, and my and Jake’s beers being formulated.  The goal is to have at least 1 beer for each person by the end of the year, plus a few for different events of occasions from our collective history.

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