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Big Changes are Brewing

Yeah, yeah. We know – it’s been forever and a day since we actually posted something on here. But we haven’t been sitting idly by; we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and a lot of our hard work is just about ready to be shared.

Promoted by our strong showing at Brew Riot, we embarked on an effort to develop our marketing and branding. Our main focus was getting the right look and feel established for our brand – creating something memorable that we can build on as we grow.

First up was our website. As you can see, it’s light-years ahead of our old site. We’re still getting it set up and learning it’s full functionality, but we’re really excited about all the things it can do and how it can grow with us as we move forward.

Next, and probably most importantly, was our logo. This is our first attempt at really crafting our visual identity, and we want something reflective of our brand that has a lot of staying power. The need is driven by our presence at local homebrew festivals, but this logo will go well beyond just events and turn into an anchor for everything we develop. We’re currently working with a very talented designer to get this done. A version appears at the top of the site, but stay tuned for the official unveiling of the completed logo.

Big things are on the way for The Crew. Stay tuned as we continue to build towards making the leap from homebrewery to Craft Brewery.

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