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R & D

Stir PlateA big part of our changes moving forward is fine-tuning our recipes. Over the years, we’ve developed quite the portfolio of beers (and stories to go with them). As we look into making the leap from homebrewery to craft brewery, we really want to focus on the ones we like the most and hone them in to be consumer-ready.

For this, we’re basically brewing batch after batch of the same beer, tweaking something different with each. What we change is based on a combination formal feedback we receive from competitions, our goals for the beer and our own personal tastes.

For instance, it could be moving to an all-Citra hop bill, like we recently did with the Treefort Plunging Pale Ale. Or lowering the FG on our Streets Run Red Ale.

Some beers, like the Baby I Like It Raw Wheat Ale, are already in good shape, especially after our great showing at BrewRiot. Others we only brewed once, and need to adjust the recipe to our system and focus on consistency. And we’ve still got even more beers in our head that haven’t even been formulated yet.

So we’ve got a ton of brewing and refining to do before we start thinking about making the leap, and we’re really looking forward to it. Check out our What’s Brewing Next page to see what we’ve got planned and follow our progress.


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